Change Color Cell in Datatable

Hi guys,

I am working with a datatable which I need to change the color to the cells depending on a key. the key and color (it is a css rgba () string) I receive them from a JSON, I just can’t find any property that helps me change the css when receiving the data for the datatable.
Does anyone know of something that can be of use to me?

I really appreciate your support.

Hi @CesarCTA ,
Could you, please, share the snippet of what you would like to acheive?
As far as i understood you can use styling from the data: Code Snippet
This article might be useful for you as well.

Hello @pyrus_vagus,

I could solve my problem using a HTML template in the colums to use my css string from the JSON, something like this:

and a had to modify the css of datable.

I really appreciete your help.