Combo editor in editable datatable


I have combo editor in my datatable which is suggest based combo. I am binding value based on search which works fine before saving data but when i bind saved data i am not able to set saved value in combo editor, i don’t want to load all the values in combo on edit time. Can anyone please help ?


Hi @Naufil ,
Could you please share the snippet with your problem, so I can clearly understand what you would like to acheive?

The setValue API can be used like

combo.setValue({ id: 1, value:"My text"})

in such case the combo will have correct label “My text” even if there is no such option in the option’s list ( so you can set correct value and label without preloading all options )

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Hi @pyrus_vagus and @maksim,

Please find the snippet below.

I have a combo editor, on type data will be fetched from server side. Which works file on initial level when there is blank data in table.

But when there is data in column(on load) then i am not able to manage.

what i want that when there is data in column then it should not be lost and stay as it is and changed when user type anything.

Have i understood you correctly that you want to have combo options available, but if the value in the cell doesn’t match any option from the combo, you’ll be able to save it anyway.
Would you like to save it in the cell and add this new value to the combo options as well?

No, i want to set value in combo after dynamic load the combo. i am parsing value on onAfterEditStart.