Dashboard panel minHeight and minWidth

Hello! I tried reading the documentation, but nothing seems to be working. Is there a way to define minHeight and minWidth for panels? It does not seem to work here. There are also no minCellHeight and minCellWidth properties in dashboard widget as far as I can see. I would appreciate any help!

Hello @hinatoy,

Please note that the panels themselves will not automatically adjust their sizes to the sizes of the components inside these panels (the panels will not respect the width/height of inner views). Panel width/height is defined solely by the relation between the dx /dy properties within the panel and gridRows/gridColumns/cellHeight/cellWidth properties of the dashboard itself (dx /dy defines how many rows/columns the panel should take up on the dashboard, and gridRows /gridColums defines the number of rows/columns present within the dashboard; cellHeight /cellWidth properties define cell height and cell width respectively).

In this case, the minWidth/minHeight properties will not be respected for the panel, since the panel view sizing logic is different to other views (the way the panels are sized is described at the top of this message).

With that said, it is possible to create a custom component based on the existing panel view and add some extra logic that would restrict panel resizing according to the set minWidth/minHeight properties.

Please take a look at the following example: Code Snippet. In this example, we redefine the $resizeEnd() method - this method gets called each time the user stop resizing the panel via the “resize” handle.

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Thank you very much!

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