Datatable: error generated when move colspan column

When I want to change column order by drag and drop with a header with colspan column, That generate error.

Example: move year column:

Use 9.4.0 with license.

If I drag the column with colspan = 2 the col used in drag and drop is the second and that generate the error (because column.header[0] is always null, also when we setup a text in header).
return “

” + (column.header[0].text || " ") + “

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘text’)
at result. (webix.js?q=1657898912:37798:114)
at Object.$drag (webix.js?q=1657898912:527:22)
at Object.$drag (webix.js?q=1657898912:7083:42)
at Object.createDrag (webix.js?q=1657898912:6977:32)
at Object._startDrag (webix.js?q=1657898912:6834:46)
at HTMLBodyElement. (webix.js?q=1657898912:6800:28)
(anonymous) @ webix.js?q=1657898912:37798
(anonymous) @ webix.js?q=1657898912:527
$drag @ webix.js?q=1657898912:7083
createDrag @ webix.js?q=1657898912:6977
_startDrag @ webix.js?q=1657898912:6834
(anonymous) @ webix.js?q=1657898912:6800


Hello @EricR ,
Thank you for the report. I can confirm the issue.
Unfortunately, at the moment I cannot tell you the exact date/release when it will be fixed.

Thanks for the feedback