Dynamic loading with datalayout & dataview

Hi, I have a datalayout and inside there there is dataview but i am not able to load data on scrolling Code Snippet.

I have a thousand of records and i want to load data on scrolling with datalayout {dataview} that type of structure.


Hi, @Naufil!
I’ve checked your snippet and it seems that the data is loading on scrolling.

Could you please clarify a little bit more what kind of behavior you would like to achieve? And if data loading on scrolling simply doesn’t work well in your case, what version of Webix and browser do you use?

Hi @NastassiaM Can you please check again Code Snippet. ?

This snippet doesn’t work properly because you don’t provide any data for loading in DataView and try to apply dynamic loading for DataLayout (which is not possible).
Please, check the following article, it may help you to understand better how to implement dynamic loading: Dynamic Loading for Plain Structures of Data Loading, Dynamic Loading Webix Docs.