Extending scheduler app causes many issues


we are trying to extends the scheduler widget for our requirements. According to the documentation the event/form is based on the JetView class. But if you want to extend the the class you have to use scheduler.views.JetView.

Unfortunately this causes some issues in our context. We have build a component system to reuse as many components as possible and this components do not work in that context.

export default class synEvent extends SchedulerForm {

async config(){
	let r = super.config();
	r.body.rows[0].localId = "toolbarContainer";

ready() {
		try {
			let toolbar = this.$$("toolbarContainer") as webix.ui.toolbar;
			let view = this.ui(ComponentButtonNotification);
			toolbar.addView(view, 2);
		} catch (e) {
			logger.error(e, this.logid + ".ready");

inside the button itself we try to access the app und ui as usual

				on: {
					onItemClick: async () => {
						try {
						let dialog_jetview = this.ui(
							AppViewTicket_Action_Notification.bind(null, this.app, "dialog_notification", {
								parentthis: this,
								doc: this.synDoc,
						) as IJetView;
						let dialog_window = dialog_jetview.getRoot() as webix.ui.window;

but i do not get any handle to our “normal” app . I tried a lot but even the this.$scope is getting me an undefined.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-05-11 um 10.05.17
Bildschirmfoto 2022-05-11 um 10.05.11


in an isolated snippet this.app seems to be available and this is a JetView: Code Snippet

Judging by the last screenshot, this is some code where this refers to a Webix widget. Could you please share that piece of code so that I could try to reproduce this? I guess the problem is with this AppViewTicket_Action_Notification?
It’s weird because on this screenshot scope is undefined, while this.$scope is not.