File manager (search tool)

I would like to know if it is possible to overwrite “Search results in livelive/test” before it is rendered. then I will be able to manipulate the file location.

Yep, it possible.
Can you please provide a bit more details.
Do you need to intercept the request for search operation or alter the result before it is rendered as the results panel ?

I checked file manager documentation and I know why it’s happening on our side but I don’t want to change our backend implementation or manipulate data on the frontend. so many dependencies on other components.
the current format of our data.
the id of our files or folders includes the root folder name. eg. live/AXESSGUI/cfg/sections
=> livelive/AXESSGUI/cfg/sections
I want to intercept the join method that combines fileManager.locales.en[“live”] + live/AXESSGUI/cfg/sections
then I will be able to display the desired output.


you need to define your own class with files and/or search methods. Inside of methods you can define a custom data transformation logic

  class MyBackend extends {
    search(id, search) {
      return webix.ajax("//", { id, search })
        .then(raw => {
          const data = raw.json();
          data.forEach(a => = "/some/prefix/";