How to view the lastest documention offline?

  1. How to run the docs in local server? The Madoka is missing.
  2. Where is the lastest CHM version of webix 3.0 documention?

Latest documentation as CHM is available at

are there any other formats? I need to use it under OSX

Also, please fix CHM so it’s possible to search within it


I have updated the CHM version ( ), search must work correctly now.

As for other formats, you can use the HTML version ( ). Just unzip it and open the index.html in any browser.

Is that possible to include a content index similar to the one in CHM in the HTML version? It is hard to navigate the documentation in HTML version.

The existing static HTML version of the documentation is the exact copy of If you need index and search please use the CHM version.

Not really exact copy. Here is what I see from the HTML version offline documentation.

Compare to , there is no link to widgets or API reference. So if I want to choose a widget from a list of UI widgets in the documentation, I don’t know where I should go.

The reason why we need a offline version is that, Webix website is not accessible from our China office.

Yep, I see what you mean. The HTML files are a byproduct of CHM generation and far from perfect.

We will investigate how a better static version can be generated.

Great, thanks :smiley: