Mentionsuggest Examples and code don't work

The examples and codes don’t work. I checked the relevant posts and examples of the forum and found that they don’t work. Please explain in detail how to use them, or I don’t understand them well,
You need do type @ in the first textarea, then some letter, and then you will see the suggest list with relevant options. As for the second, same things but # instead of @.


                                                   {id:1, value: ":探针可探入粗糙"},    {id:2, value: "探诊无不适感"},

                                                    {id:3, value: "探诊略有酸感"},


The example can be used normally, but it is suggested that the character beginning is Chinese. After pressing @, there will be no prompt for entering Chinese, but adding a letter in front of Chinese can display the prompt and suggestion normally. Is there any good way to deal with this?

To open the list, you still have to enter some relevant character. It works the same ways for any language, it seems.


Do you mean that you need some kind of tooltip that tells the user to do it?

When the word “探” is typed, you need to press a space bar and a backspace key to display the prompt. I want to display the prompt without any operation after typing this word