Multiple Ajax in parallel


In your sample you execute in parallell 3 ajax

var a = webix.ajax(“someA.php”);
var b = webix.ajax(“someB.php”);
var c = webix.ajax(“someC.php”);

var a_result = results[0];
var b_result = results[1];
var c_result = results[2];
// do something
// …

When I execute it, the server is only getting ajax calls one after the other one.
I never get the 3 calls at the same time, only one at a time, the next waiting for the current is finishing.

Is it normal ?
Does fetch have the same issue ?


Hello, @Alexandre_Nicolas
Is it normal ?
Not really.
In this case, requests should be sent in parallel. That is, the execution of one request does not wait for the completion of the previous one. Webix.promise.all just waits for all the requests to complete and returns a common promise so that some actions can be done with it.
I can only assume that there is an influence from the server side. You may be limited to a single request at a time because of your backend limitations.
Does fetch have the same issue ?
Fetch should work the same way.