Sources for the inventory app


Where are the sources for the inventory app? The one that was posted here:

Would be nice to study them


The project is rather complicated ( it is not a demo, but a fully functional unit management application ) so we do not plan to publish full sources online

I have sent the link to client side sources by PM

hi @maksim, can you also send me client side sources ?

hi @maksim, can you also send me client side sources?

@ivcivc, I’ve sent you a PM.

Hello! Can you send me too?

Hi @paulo_martins,
Please check your private messages.

Hi, can I have it too?

Hi @AndreyK,
Yep, please check your PMs.

Source is welcome!

@mdissel, please check your private messages.

Hello @emmarudd222,
Please contact for getting client side sources for the inventory app.