SpreadSheet Manually Delete Rows

Dear Support

Manually deleting rows 68 to 72 on Code Snippet produces an error.

Possibly it is due to the form of the spreadsheet imported from excel.

I can’t work out why. Any help would be much appreciated.



Hello Adam,

I can confirm that this is most likely a bug from our side. Unfortunately, so far, we haven’t been able to pinpoint the exact reason behind this issue, and we will require some more time to debug it. We will get back to you once we learn more about the issue.

Regarding the “recalculate” comment in your code: the recalculate() method has to be called on init in case a custom function (that is not supported by default) is present in your initial data. Basically, the component has to calculate the function, once it has been properly added via the registerMathMethod() (otherwise, the component does not know how to process the custom function). I would like to note that adding the custom functions first and calling the parse()/load() method after is considered to be more optimal (as opposed to calling the recalculate() method): Code Snippet.