Textarea non-editable but with enabled scrollbars

Hello, I have the following code to create a textarea that is not editable but for which the scrollbars are still usable (setting the widget to disabled, disables the scrollbars as well):

this.attachEvent(“onKeyPress”, function(){
// disable text edit but leave scrollbar functional
return false;
}, webix.ui.textarea);

the widget defined in my abslayout is as follows:
“view”: “textareaNoEdit”,
“top”: 67,
“left”: 22,
“width”: 758,
“height”: 278,
“localId”: “EmailBodyText”,
“name”: “EmailBodyText”,
“labelWidth”: 77,
“label”: “Email Text”

When rendered, the text area does not have the height specified and is resizable? When using the regular textarea it has the right size. Is there another way to do this?


try to add $cssName:"textarea" to protoUI config.
or simply use readonly:true with textarea