Webix have future?

I have two doubts which one is best Angular React Webix ?? Second webix have future because I am starting to learn webix now so I ask this question…

Webix itself is a UI library. It is compatible with Angular and React and can be used as a part of a complex app.
The basic examples are available on our Github (angular, react).

At the same time, we have the Webix Jet framework. Jet is oriented on web apps for complex data management and fits for an SPA where most part of the UI is built with Webix components.
Our team uses Jet to develop our complex widgets (Document Manager, Gantt, etc.), so they can be considered as a showcase of what can be done.

As for our current roadmap/plans, the product is alive and well, and we are determined to keep it that way :slight_smile:
We are currently focused on complex widgets to provide ready-to-use yet customizable solutions - and all of them are compatible with mentioned frameworks (as well as basic widgets).
The core library gets constant support and bug fixes (all changes are listed in the what’s new section and in the migration guide).