While mouse wheel the data table the hover effect not shown

In data table scroll using mouse wheel. After stop wheeling the hover effect is not shown for the current row (mouse pointed row). If I move the mouse then only it's shown background color.


Please help us.



  • I am terribly sorry for the delay in responding. Unfortunately, we are experiencing a high number of support inquiries.

    This is the expected behavior. The fact is that the scroll is a separate event, to which the hover is not attached at all. The hover logic is tied to a private API, so the only option is to call onMouseMoving on the datatable, passing there either an event or a cell-row node. But the main problem is that onScrollY and onAfterScroll don't receive any arguments.
    So, as a solution, you can use the elementFromPoint method, and store coordinates on onMouseMoving event.
    Please take a look at the snippet:

    Best regards,

    Anna Zankevich
    Technical Support Specialist

  • @Anna Zankevich,

    Thanks for your support.

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