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Hello and thanks in advice

I'm trying to figure out how can i build tooltips that depend on data contained in data table cell.
Does the library support this?
I've tried putting tooltip: {template .....} at data column level and at the datatable level without any luck.

PS: all the links like are not working.




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    This functionality was missed in current version.
    In two days we are releasing a version 1.2, tooltip in datatable will be a part of that update

    You will be able to use

                grid = new webix.ui({
                        { id:"rank" },
                        { id:"title", tooltip:"long #title#"}

    The global tooltip setting can be used to enable|disable tooltips in the datatable.
    If tooltips are enabled, datatable will use the content of column as tooltip, or value of "tooltip" column option.

  • Can the Webix team please reconsider the necessity of a global tooltip setting?

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