Add additional text Line Chart


I still haven’t found a way to customize chart:

  1. How can I add additional text on Line Chart ?
  2. How can dash like style ?

Anyone can help me appreciate, Thanks.

Hello @finzaiko,

  1. To add additional text, you can use the renderTextAt() Canvas method: Code Snippet. You only need to set the actual coordinates of the text and display the desired text there.

  2. All our charts are rendered through the Canvas API. so any change in rendering is best done through it. it is not difficult to get close to him if necessary: Code Snippet

Also you have option to use as alternative chart where requested feature already pre-installed. For example, Webix has highchart integration: Code Snippet

Hi @NatashaS

Thanks for your solution using renderTextAt, I tried also working
I use this to manipulate label render

label: function (obj) {
  return obj.time > minTime
    ? ""
    : `<span style="color:red;margin-left:100px;">Max Temp: ${parseInt(
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