Add "Unselect All" on Datatable filter column

Hi everyone, I have a datatable with some columns and I need to add the option “Unselect All” in a multicomboFilter on one of these columns.
But I saw that we only have the option selectAll that show the “Select All” option and when we click then we will have the “Unselect All” option.
I would have the “Unselect All” option fixed by default on the top.

Can anyone helps me?
Thank you in advance.

Hello @gferrigno ,

There is a possibility to select/unselect all options of the Multicombo control. To enable it, you need to define the selectAll property with the true value in the dedicated suggest object and the corresponding field will be shown on the top of multicombo options. When you click “Select All”, all the options are selected and the label changes to Unselect All, which allows you to unselect all the options.
Please check the sample: Code Snippet
More information you can find here

Also, is possible to set an empty value as multicombo.setValue(" ")
Sample: Code Snippet
The same way you can create it inside the list like this Code Snippet

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Thank you @NatashaS, it works correctly