Best way to create large app?

I am about to create a larger project (frontend), to manage the stock of my business. Later, it is to be expanded to also manage orders and customers.

But what is the best way to create such an app?
I have seen the Webix-admin-app demo, my app will be very similar to this. But I cannot really figure out exactly how this app works. And how I could build an app like it from scratch. (I think I could easily change the admin-app to my needs, but I would still like to know how things connect together in it)

I have also considered using Angular, but I do not know Angular, would like to though.

What is recommended for larger apps using Webix? Also considering Webix 3.0 - I wouldn’t want to create something now, that would maybe be depredated or dropped in 3.0


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Hi, the final docs still not ready.
You can check work in progress here

Looking good, thanks. Is “webix Jet” name for webix UI framework plus app architecture plugins (MVC, router, etc)?

Hmm…why is this approach better than lets say integrating Webix with AngularJS ?

Angular is oriented on building apps from HTML templates while Webix prefers to use JSON for configuration. It is possible to use Angular along with Webix widgets, but there is a friction between two frameworks anyway.

Need to say, our solution is not a some “New Web Framework For All Kind of Apps”, this is a small set of tools that allows to use Webix components effectively. So it is not a replacement for Angular, Backbone or any other framework.

if you plan to build an Angular, Backbone, Some Other app and use some Webix components one or two times, that is fine to use the framework of choice.

if you plan to build a major part of the app based on the Webix, it may be better to check the Webix Jet.

What is more recommended for Webix out of Angular and Backbone js?

Have you considered Webix Jet for other jQueryUI like library?
I am looking for a nice SPA framework for OpenUI5. OpenUI5 components also use JSON for configuration. OpenUI5 has its own SPA framework, but I am looking for alternative. I want to use OpenUI5 components to implement SAP Fiori with some other simple to use framework.
I also thought of using Webix component for implementing SAP Fiori, but that seems to be a big task.
Looking for you your valuable inputs.

Angular and Backbone js?

I think the Backbone will work better.

As for Angular, Webix doesn’t support all concepts of AngularJS, so there will be some rough edges.

I understand the logic.

And what are the decision points to choose between Webix Jet and Backbone?