Can we have compact contrast theme?

How to get compact contrast theme???

I no need so scaled interface as in the flat and contrast.
The compact is perfect for me, but I also need a contrast theme (dark mode).

I am using the pro version and am going to use it.

I have merged compact.css and contrast.css and adjusted sizes in the second one,
I my app code I have added: =;

I will use this approach for a while.
But I hope you will add a contrast compact theme in future releases.


Hi @russell
We’ll definitely consider it, thank you for the suggestion!
Initially, the Contrast skin was introduced to enhance accessibility, so we didn’t add a compact version at that time.

As for the current approach, it is completely valid - the default sizes of UI elements are stored in related objects exactly for this reason.
Still, some styling options (such as as font-size in templates) will require adjustments via CSS

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