Change color of header borders

Hello guys,

I am traying to change the color of the borders in the header on datatable.
I used “cssFormat” but I didn´t have results. Also, I tried wit css code like this:

.cssTable .webix_hcell{
text-align: center;
font-weight: 500;
background-color: rgba(255, 173, 153, 0.3);

but didn´t work.

So, somebody knows how can I do change the color of the borders?

Thanks everyone.

Hello, @CesarCTA

To apply some CSS is the right approach for changing the borders in the datatable header. To perform that you should choose the right CSS classes, that Webix has already provided a datatable. For the datatable header that are .webix_ss_header and .webix_hcell.
Please, check the snippet here: Code Snippet

Hello @AlenaLisava

Your answer was very useful to me.
I made some adjustments based on my needs and the result was what I expected.

I appreciate it a lot.

Hi! I had a similar problem, but your answer helped me. Thank you very much!