Changing Webix DataTable Selection Behavior to Double-Click

Is it possible to have the selection functionality in a Webix DataTable triggered by a double-click, rather than a single-click? (Selection should not occur on a single-click.)

Hello @jang ,

After the datatable is initialized, you could block the default on-click selection logic via redefining datatable.on_click.webix_cell after the datatable has been initialized and then calling select() in the onItemDblClick event: Code Snippet . Or, apply the default single click behaviour to the datatable.on_dblclick.webix_cell: Code Snippet .

on_click from the example stores default and attached click behavior for component items (attached with, for example, datatable’s onClick property) for a specified CSS class.

Please, note, that in the standard situations it is recommended to use onClick/ onDblClick properties that also help to define a click/double click handlers to the specific CSS class. This way we reduce the chance of overriding the native handlers.

Hello @MariyaDemy
I’m late to reply because I’m looking at it now.
As you said, we redefined datable.on_click.webix_cell and proceeded by selecting it through onDblClick.
Thank you.