Chat widget backend services

I really need more info on building the backend service for the Chat widget.If I may say the statement in the docs : “If you do not have a backend server, you can customize the methods of the Backend service and provide client-side data as a promise” is not strickly possible. Because when I look at the local data example, the url still fetch other data, such as shown, which is not covered elsewhere: “api”: {
“call”: {
“SetStatus”: 1,
“Signal”: 1,
“Start”: 1
“chat”: {
“AddDirect”: 1,
“AddGroup”: 1,
“Leave”: 1,
“SetUsers”: 1,
“Update”: 1
“message”: {
“Add”: 1,
“AddReaction”: 1,
“GetAll”: 1,
“Remove”: 1,
“RemoveReaction”: 1,
“ResetCounter”: 1,
“Update”: 1

Please a clear instruction on implementing the backend. Yes I have seen the service methods in the docs, but it looks as , other functions, currently undocumented, also need to be implemented.
Thank you


Chat implies instant messaging, and for this, a connection with a backend on websockets is used.

We use a custom Client for websockets locally in our source code, so when you rewrite some separate method (for example, loading a list of users), you replace the use of the Client api with your code, and in other situations (like creating a connection) the url is still needed.

Thank you for pointing out that the documentation doesn’t cover it fully. We will add more details and update the documentation as soon as possible .