Ckeditor html code and style code


For my ckEditor4.15.1 now I have a extra plugin which produce a style - tag.

	<style id="something" type="text/css">
<p>test the best</p>
  1. is there a method to get the content between the body tag?
  2. is there a method to get rid of a specific style tag?

except the ordinary methode ?

Thanks a lot and have a nice christmas time…

Hi @Michael

Out integration with CKEditor 4 provides access to the editor’s instance, but doesn’t add any extra methods except the possibility to quickly get/set a value.
The solution will probably require accessing editor’s document and using its regular API, similar to this: Code Snippet

Thank you Listopad…

This was a Christmas gift for me.

Thank you all of you for your help and keep all going on into the next level…

Have all a nice Christmas time…


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Thank you so much for the kind words. Have a wonderful festive season!