ckeditor plugins in webix

hi i use ckeditor as integrated editor as explain here It works nice, i want to add functionality for upload images or there is additional options to copy image as base64, for i need to use ckeditor plugins, how to configurate webix intration in order to use ckeditor plugins ?

Hi @roma

The implementation would depend on the editor’s version.

Assuming the usage of CKEditor5, the needed module should be imported before the view is initialized. Then you can specify the editor’s settings in the config property of the view.

To avoid any conflicts with imported CKEditor sources, please make sure to set cdn: false in the widget.
With that property, it will try to use global Decoupled Editor instance (here’s the source code of the integration)

The code will look similar to

// include webix and ckeditor5 sources, our integration, then
import Base64UploadAdapter from '@ckeditor/ckeditor5-upload/src/adapters/base64uploadadapter';

  cdn: false,
    plugins: [ Base64UploadAdapter ]

Thanks this is what i am looking for