code snippet page - webix debug version

Would it not be better to use webix_debug.js version there, or make an option for that?

Hello @Jacekk015 ,

We would rather avoid publishing non-minified pro version of the library due to the security reasons and licencing policy.

As an option, there is a possibility to include your local webix.js version. To do so, you need to

  • run your web-server
  • open
  • press Shift + Alt + W
  • in the opened popup, specify a path to your Webix package (not js file) which must be available in server’s file system
  • in version selector, select ‘Local’.

Snippet Tool will try to fetch webix.js on


Using this feature, you can include any local Webix version from your machine. This request has no any ‘debug mode’, so the only way is to rename any file you need to webix.js.

It doesn’t have to be PRO version.
It would be useful that I could run
webix.debug = true;
and see[in the browser console] which events are fired.

We will consider adding the debug option. For now, you can host debug version locally and use the “local webix.js” trick described above.


How do you debug a snippet?

Good day @TomasF,

A full version for debugging is available only for GLP-version in snippet. So,

  1. Pick GLP-version in snippet;
  2. Open DevTools;
  3. Find a tab ‘Console’;
  4. Pick inside the right context.

Now you can write any code for debugging in this console.