Dark mini skin themes

Where do I get the dark mini theme?, I try to generate Webix Skin Builder with contrast, the results are not what I expected for mini theme

Good day @finzaiko,

Can you please share with us your result from Webix Skin Builder and describe more detail your expectations? Thanks in advance!

Hello @NatashaS
Thanks for your reply, here is using skin builder → Webix Skin Builder
my expected like this dark theme look smoth → https://i.imgur.com/1BPO3sk.png
input border, table row border and some other.

Webix doesn’t have Mini Dark skin, but it can be custom it by yourself.
Each skin in the JS code comes with an object with default element sizes and other parameters.
To build a Mini Dark you need to rename several prorerties:

  1. Put this part of values from mini instead of this values in dark config.

  2. Sync updated values in config.js file

I will try it, Thanks @NatashaS

I also looking form mini dark theme, can generate next release ?

Hi @finzaiko , did you working create cusom skin ?

Im not really understand how to generate custom skin @NatashaS step ? can you generate for me