Datatable when use the autoConfig, the first column is too wide

Hi, I have a datatable using autoConfig option.
my grid has the container, and has same size.
When I use the autoConfig option here, the first column is too wide.
I want all the columns to have the same width
as if applied fillspace:1 to all columns.
However, if use the autoConfig,
All columns has minimum size (100px) and only the first column has the remaining space.
Please solve this problem.

and When I using the autoConfig,
If the 1st data has 4 columns, and 2nd data has 6 columns,
the Grid has only 4 columns.

my data has a random order and I can’t change it.
Can I display all columns that all data has?

Thank you.

chaeney, greetings!

It is the expected behaviour: the autoConfig property generates the very basic datatable configuration based on the data in the 1st data item.
A config change can be added to the onAfterLoad event, for example: Code Snippet