Datatable's Combo Editor

Hello webix team,

Please find following snippet.

Here, In datatable I’ve used combo editor for first column(i.e Id=Channel).

When I start to enter value in cell of Channel column, I want to capture that entered values. I tried this using onBeforeEditStop event but It’s not working, It works only if I select value from combo.

How to get editing value in cell before editor stop? please provide solutions for the same.


Hello webix team,

Here, I want to attach dynamic suggest list based on users entered value in cell.Please provide solution to attach dynamic suggest list to datatable’ text editor.


Hello, @Pooja

In case I understand you correctly, to solve the issue, you could use text coupled with suggest list. That combination is Identical to combo in look, but while combo requires selection from a popup list, suggest offers values that can be either chosen or ignored.
Please, check the snippet here: Code Snippet

Thanks you much @AlenaLisava for the given solution. but here I’ve to bind dynamic options to suggestlist based on users input i.e on onAfterEditStop,
I’ve to set options for suggestlist based on users input from server.
For example:- If user types ‘Re’ in datatable’s cell, then I need to get matching results for string with ‘Re’ from server & parse it to list.
For each request I need to get reponse from server based on input. How can I bind options dynamically to suggestlist? Please provide way to do it.

Hello, @ Pooja

For the variant with combo, try to use dataFeed property of DataRecord.
Please, check the snippet here: Code Snippet
That example is approximate, please, try to apply it to your code

Hello webix team,

Is there any solution for above problem & how to open suggestlist manually? , Or Please suggest us alternative way for the same .


Hi @Pooja, did you able to find any solution for it ? i am facing same problem.

I tried this using onBeforeEditStop

If you want to track user typing in the input you can use something like

    onAfterEditStart:function(id, editor){
      webix.event(this.getEditor().getInputNode(), "keyup", ev => {

And as @AlenaLisava says, the suggest is the recommended solution for your usecase

Check the next snippet - Code Snippet
Year column has suggest attached, which value can be reloaded from server side as users types text in the editor.