Display Error-Message in a Form

After validation i set the field as ‘invalid’ with
$$(“editForm”).markInvalid(errFld, errMsg);
This works well as long as the field is long enough. In case of short field the message-text will be not realy displayed. (there is enaugh space for it)


Good day @roko ,
It seems that you may have bottomPadding property in your elements config. From Webix version 9.3 it adjusts to the invalid message’s size by default so you could just remove it.
Also, there is a known bug with markInvalid method. It will be fixed in one of our next releases.
Now, you can define an invalid message with invalidMessage property of the ui.text like this:

Thanx. i will try it next week.

@roko ,
The bug with markInvalid() has been fixed in version 9.4.1 : Code Snippet

By the way,
if you want the invalidMessage to be larger than the input, you could make use of a template (for instance, Template Function) and set the template for your ui.text component. You can rewrite its look, including the styles.
Check the example: Code Snippet