Distribution With .NET Installation

My company is developing a product which is built using Blazor and webix in .NET 5. The product is intended to be installed on a per-customer basis. The company would like to develop an installer for this product, but there is some confusion about the best way to package the webix dependencies. On developer machines webix-pro was installed using npm.

Ideally the compressed webix files would automatically be downloaded from npm when the product is compiled using an automated build process. Is this possible, given that the npm install requires authentication? What is the recommended approach for distributing the compressed webix files with the product?

Thank you.

if you need to autoembed webix output into distribution, try to use BuildBundlerMinifier
it is created exactly for this purpose
How to use

Thank you. I still have a question about how to automate the process of pulling the webix package from npm. The instructions we were given for installing the webix npm package involve entering credentials, and we would like to automate this process on a build server.

This is because the website we developed is meant to be installed at multiple customer sites, so we automate a build of the site so that we can distribute the contents to customers as needed.