Do we support cell template in pivot table

Hi, we want to indicate adjustment values in pivot table, which means we need to add a small ‘earmark’ at top right corner of the cell. Do we support cell template in pivot table like we do in datatable.


Cell templates for Pivot columns can be set within the onBeforeRender event handler. Check the related sample, please.

This sample is not working anymore. Can you please update it.

Hi @ninopetrovic ,

Pivot was updated in Webix 9.0 and its API is different from the above example.

If you are using Webix/Pivot 8.4 or older, here’s the snippet of the previously used solution: Code Snippet

In Pivot 9.0+, you will need to customize the table module inside Pivot: Code Snippet

Current version of Pivot and most of our complex widgets (except Kanban and Spreadsheet) are built as modularized apps on Webix Jet, and the user can change existing modules or add new ones.

Modules are implemented as JetViews (ES6 classes) where any UI element, data-related service, or feature can be customized by the same rules. For more details about this architecture, please check the following blog article, which describes the general idea and reasons for this structure.

Please note that complex modifications may require observing the source code of the tool in order to build the most feasible solution that will correctly alter/extend the original logic.