Does an open source app that uses Webix have to become GPL-licensed?

We know that we can use the GPL version of Webix in a commercial app, as long as the client source code is released on request. The server source code can be kept closed.

But what happens if an MIT-licensed or Apache-licensed open source app uses Webix? Can it keep its original license?

This is important for Meteor apps now that the Meteor Webix integration is available, because the vast majority of open-source Meteor apps are published under the MIT license.

Hello Dan,

now we are working on the creation of the GPL License exception that will
allow web developers to build Free/Libre and Open Source Software (“FLOSS”) applications using Webix library despite the fact that not all FLOSS licenses are compatible with the GPL v3.

Soon we will release this exception and, thus, MIT-licensed or Apache-licensed web apps that use Webix will be able to keep its orignial license.

The FLOSS exemption has been released. Thank you!

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@ameliyawi if you have any more licensing questions, please contact our customer care manager Tatsiana at

Thanks for the guidance @Listopad

Very helpful information. Thanks.