Drop_down list of combo box is moving as we move browser scroll bar

In my application, I have used combo box in a movable window. whenever i scroll the browser scrollbar the combo box drop_down list is also moving. i want to fix the moving drop_down list.so please can you tell me how to fix this.
below i share the snippet code, but in that snippet I unable to show the browser scrollbar. this problem appear specifically for browser scroll bar.


this issue is already fixed in v7
as a workaround try to use this



@intregal Thank you it works…
Please can u tell the same problem when we move the window and browser scroll the drop_down list of combo box is not proper.
use this snippet

add this to scrollable’s config

            onAfterScroll: function(){
                let popup = $$(view.config.popup);
                if(popup && popup.config.master == view.config.id && popup.isVisible()){
                  let node = (view.getInputNode && view.getInputNode()) || view.getNode();
                  popup.show(node, null, true);


Hi all,

I’m following this article as came across the same issue.

Although this post is from 2020, cannot see it being resolved in Webix on recent releases.
Could please Webix Team add the fix do the dropdown lists behaviour?
I believe all webix users will appreciate the fix applied globally.

Thanks in advance,