Dynamic loading datatable using .load/.parse method does not work for POST request

I cannot provide a working example, but I will try and explain in as much detail as possible.

My datatable and pager set up is as follows:

                  view: "datatable",
                  height: 0,
                  width: 0,
                  select: "row",
                  hover: "hover",
                  css: "webix_data_border", 
                  datafetch: 50,
                  pager: "myPager",
                  tooltip: true,
                  columns: [
                      id: "col1",
                      header: ["Col1"],
                      sort: "server",
                      adjust: true
                      id: "col2",
                      header: ["Col2", { content: "serverFilter" }],
                      sort: "server",
                      adjust: true

                  view: "pager",
                  id: "myPager",
                  template:`{common.first()} {common.prev()} {common.pages()} {common.next()} {common.last()}`,
                  size: 50,
                  group: 5,
                  height: 40,
                  width: 0,
                  animate: {
                    direction: "top"

I need to implement dynamic loading for this datatable, 50 records at a time, inside the .load method of the datatable (NOT using the url parameter in datatable constructor).

The response structure of the API call is of the form:

"data": [{}, {}, {}],
"total_count": 1200,
"pos": 0

Initially, I was using a GET method, and the following worked as expected, including dynamic loading with pagination:

url = "my_endpoint?param1=xyz&param2=abc"
      .then((data) => {
        let id = datatable.getFirstId();
      .fail((error) => {
            text: error.message || "Error loading data",
            type: "error",
            expire: 2000

Now, I need to switch to a POST method. So I modified my code as follows:

let response = this.http.post(url, body);
      next: data => {
      error: error => {
        console.log("Error loading data");

datatable.parse(data) populates my datatable, but pagination does not trigger dynamic loading.

Is there a workaround for this? Thanks in advance.

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load of ui.datatable, Methods Webix Docs)%3B

This however, does.

.then((data) => {})
 .fail((error) => {})