Find a row in datatable with multiple criterions

I always use this syntax to find a row in datatable
var updRow = $$(“mainTable”).find({“amodid”:item.amodid}
Now i need it for 2 search terms and i have tried
var updRow = $$(“mainTable”).find({“amodid”:item.amodid} && {“aartid”:item.aartid}, true);
but it don’t works.

you can merge two objects to one: { amodid: item.amodid, aartid: item.aartid}
or use function criterion

var row = table.find(row => row.amodid == item.amodid && row.aartid == item.aartid, true);

It works - thank you.
i have any problems with compare date-values. i tried to convert into char before compare, but it don’t work.

try to compare using getTime()

function compareDates(d1, d2) {
    var d1time = d1.getTime(), d2time = d2.getTime();
    return d1time == d2time ? 0 : d1time > d2time ? 1 : -1;