Grid layout - tooltip mouse over

how can I show tooltip when mouse over on grid layout cell ?

Hi, I don’t believe there is no one to help me? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello @ngchagas,

To add a tooltip to any HTML element, use the TooltipControl mixin. More info about adding tooltips you can find in our docs.

Please, check out the snipet: Code Snippet

Thanks Natasha.
Is there no other way instead of creating a function for each item?
Using the tooltip: “…” on each item has the same effect as its function, something like:
{ id:“box1”, template:“Wide 1”, x:1, y:0, dx:2, dy:1, tooltip: “…” },
I would like to avoid creating too much function.

Yes, tooltip property also can be used: Code Snippet

Yes, I was searching for some solution that the gridlayout itself could intercept mouse over some cell.