How can I divide the directions into negative and positive ones in the chart?

I use the graph ‘bar’ with negative and positive numbers, for one day I can get that there will be both positive and negative, but I do not want to use ‘series’, otherwise it divides the column into 2 parts, and I do not need it. Is it possible to make the positive and negative directions the same large size, the same as if I didn’t use ‘series’?

Hello, @roy126

As you’ve already mentioned, Bar Chart supports Series, which allows present data of different objects within one and the same chart. Data could be defined as positive or negative.
Here is the snippet: Code Snippet
On the other hand, to combine series of one object into a single bar, Webix has stackedBar , but it doesn’t process negative values.

So, unfortunately, Webix doesn’t supply its own solution for your issue.

At the same time, in addition to built-in charts, Webix offers the possibility to integrate with third-party charts from libraries such as Highcharts Library.

Here is an example: Code Snippet