How to change Webix theme skin in a jet pack component

Hi, I am new to the webix. I am trying implement a feature to change the theme skin of my web page. I create a custom jetpack component called ThemeForm and add “combo” element to select the theme. And in onChange I set slelected theme in But my theme isn’t changing. Can someone help me to fix this.

import { JetView } from “webix-jet”;

import “webix/webix.css”;

import “webix/skins/compact.css”;

import “webix/skins/contrast.css”;

import “webix/skins/mini.css”;

import “webix/skins/willow.css”;

import webix from “webix”;

export default class ThemeForm extends JetView {

config() {

return {

  view: "form",

  id: "themeForm",

  elements: [


      view: "combo",

      label: "Select Theme",

      name: "selectedTheme",

      options: ["mini", "compact", "willow", "contrast"],

      on: {

        onChange: function (newv, oldv) {










have you tried the approach described in the documentation?