How to disable editing on span rows or columns

Hi, when editability is enabled on datatables the editor is visible in spanned rows too how to disable that.

The editor is shown when it is set for a column. In your example it is set for the 'Country' column:

    { id:"country", editor: 'text', header:"Country", width:100 },

That is why it’s visible in spanned rows. If you want to show it for other columns, you need to set necessary editors accordingly:

    { id:"country", header:"Country", width:100 },
    { id:"title", header:"Film title", editor: 'text', fillspace:true},
    { id:"year",	header:"Released", editor: 'text', width:80 },
    { id:"votes",	header:"Votes", editor: 'text', width:100 },
    { id:"rating",	header:"Rating", editor: 'text', width:100 }

Here’s an example: Code Snippet

also if you have some kind of dynamic spans, try to check for spans in onBeforeEditStart event

    onBeforeEditStart: function(cell){
      var spans = this.getSpan(cell.row, cell.column);
      if (spans) return false;