How to extend 'multiselect' webix.editor to something similar like 'multicombo' for

Hi! I’m trying to achieve the same look of the ‘multicombo’ (with tag names, that is {tagMode: true}) on a ui.datatable but in a As I understand, the {type} on a can be any of the webix.editors, but current webix.editors doesn’t include ‘multicombo’. Is there a way to extend ‘multiselect’ webix.editor to achieve the same look and function as a ‘multicombo’?

Refer to snippet: Code Snippet

Hello @jcozaeta,

A good solution would be to style the multiselect using a template: Code Snippet

In case you need several of these styled multiselects, a great solution would be to create a new view based on an already customized multiselect with a styled template.

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Hello Natasha,

Thanks! This is what I was looking for.

Follow up question, how can I automatically resize the cell height to wrap everything selected in the styled multiselect editor? (the same behavior as in a multicombo view)

Refer to snippet: Code Snippet