How to pass data to 'value' param while in a loop

can you tell me how can i show apiType. also how to pass data to ‘value’ while in a loop

Hello @ntrnrk9 ,
to show the apiType property you should set name:“apiType” in your text view as in the snippet: Code Snippet .
The Datalayout displays the passed data in the following way:

  1. If the view is a data component, the passed data will be parsed into the view;

  2. If the view is a single-value component (e.g. a button, or a text view as in this case), the passed data will be used as a value of this view.

@ntrnrk9 ,
As for the Manipulating Elements, it is possible to perform CRUD operations such as add, update or remove data items.
For example: Code Snippet .