Is MouseMove event working?


The MouseMove event is not working (tested in Chrome) in the datatable, please check:

Is there any workaround to make it work?


Hi! I’ve also tested it in Chrome and it seems that it’s working as expected. Could you please specify your browser and Webix versions?

Ok, thanks. After many attemps I have realized that the event is tricky: it is only triggered when the user stops the mouse, so the user can move in and out without triggering it.

Is there any way to capture the mouseover event as jquery does example?

To achieve such behavior you should use onMouseMoving event.
Here’s an example: Code Snippet

Thanks a lot for the answer. Unfortunately, the onMouseMoving event is triggered hundreds of times while the user moves the mouse, which impacts CPU performance notably.

Webix is an awesome library. I kindly suggest Webix developers to implement simple and efficient events such as MouseOver and others like jQuery does.