Layout Responsive

Hi, I want to make a responsive screen that works correctly. But the width of the last form I created is short. The id value verse_5 does not appear. layout_1 appears. Can you help me?

Good day @meliseren,

This is the expected result. The problem is that the possible width of the elements is limited by width/maxWidth, so the last row cannot expand to the full width. It doesn’t work for prev. rows, because they are the only items in the row, so it looks " normal" for all rows except the last one.

I suggest to you:

  • remove styles that interrupt native ones. in particular, display: none should never be used to hide views at all. It’s better to use the built-in hide/hidden instead - then the dimensions will be calculated correctly. Also, don’t use generic class selectors that are used in other widgets.

If you need to hide resizers in column layout, then you can use the onResponsiveHide() and hide the associated resizer there

  • remove the width limit for elements, especially if they will not be the only elements in a row

Please, check out the snippet with example: Code Snippet