Hi Webix team!
The current plan of my company is to build a stand-alone installable application that runs on a desktop or laptop that might never be connected to the internet. We would distributing the app either by CD with our Audio Hardware Products or by a downloadable application from our website.

Is this a licensing scenario you have considered?
What type of license would we need?

Webix developer license gives you necessary rights. You need to obtain number of licenses equal to number of developers who deal with Webix (API or CSS) on the project. If you tell us how many of them - we’ll try to offer you the best option.


We are considering to use Webix in our application. It is a web app, installed on premise at our customers.

What type of license do we need to cover for this?

Hi @egwirtz!

For the free open-source application, GPL license will be enough.

Any other cases require the Webix Pro Edition. The price depends on the number of developers, support plan, and extensions use (if needed).

You can choose the needed package or build the needed one here.

If some questions still remain, please contact to discuss it in detail.