Loading Data into DataTable

I’m making a code to loading data into Datatable. (loading the CSV file in local)
When there is too much data, Can I load only a smaller number of data?
If the CSV file has 500 rows, I want to load only 100 rows.
This must be resolved. T^T

and When a user loads his csv file into empty datatable,
I want a columns to be created dynamically.
But most of the time, the form of the csv file is [col1, col2, col3 … /n data1-1, data2-1, data 3-1… /n data1-2 data2-2, data 3-2…]
It makes all rows become data and arbitrary column names.
I want to the first row should be the column name,

Does anyone know a good idea? Please help me.
and everyone Thanks always

I confirmed that it is possible by using “LoadNext” event at snippet
But it doesnt’t work when I test it with my local PC file…