Mobil app for IOS and Android

Hi there.

I using webix since version 3.4 and know I’ll get the opportunity to build an app for mobile devices. How to start?
Is there a tutorial?
How to test so such apps for mobile to check vertical and horizontal use?
And how to create an application which can be downloaded and can be used with etc…?

Thanks a lot

Hello @Michael,

Here you find some resources you can read, they describe some general principles and have examples:

Hello NatashaS.
Thank you so much. While I develop a mobile app on my laptop, is there a way to simulate a real mobile view and functionality on a laptop? But I don’t mean mobil emulator in chrome or something… cause mobile format simulate the size bun ton the functionality…

Thank you for your answer.


PhoneGap is out Flutter is in!

Do you come along with some example with Flutter and Webix? I found this:

But how can I developing apps with the combination of flutter and webix??

Please for Help

What type of app are you creating

What do you mean by type?