Need dymanic submenu option in context menu

Hi Team,
Please refer to this snippet Code Snippet

I have a context menu attached to datatable and that context menu has a submenu, however, I want to change the options in the submenu list dynamically on click of a button,

I am trying to mutate the data but not sure if I am missing some important part of refresh etc, can you please look into this?

Good day @Bunny ,
To change your data it is recommended to use clearAll() and parse() methods.
Please, check the example: Code Snippet .
Also, you could consider another option: Code Snippet .
In this example a single context menu is used. So, you can get submenu with getSubMenu method and then change individual levels of data also with the help of clearAll() + parse().

Thank you so much, this works well!!! Really appreciate the help :slight_smile: