Need to have a heading title to treetable

Hi Team,

I want a treetable/datatable to have a heading at the top, without using body => rows

webix.ui({ body: { rows: [ { template: "Title Of the report", height: 30 }, { view: 'treetable' //rest here, this works but I don't want this approach } ] } })

Is there a title flag in here?

webix.ui({ view: 'treetable', data: mockData, // IS ANY FLAG WHICH ADDS THIS title: "Report Title" })

Hello, @Bunny!
Unfortunately, there’re no any special properties to create a heading title, but you can try to use multiline header and colspans to make something similar. Also you can style it the way you need it to.
Please, check an example: Code Snippet

Thanks @NastassiaM for confirmation and snippet, appreciate the help !!