Older version download issue for Diagram 9.4.8


In Client area if we download Diagram 9.4.8 in “Archive of Previous Versions”
That doesn’t download Diagram.


Hello @EricR ,

Are there any errors were thrown during downloading? In my tests, the downloading from the Client Area works as expected regardless of the account and package.

As a side note, please consider safety of your private links to commercial version of widgets in the public areas.

Hello @Listopad ,

No error and all others package doesn’t have issue only Diagram 9.4.8.

It seems the wrong link was generated during publishing, thank you for reporting an issue!
We will fix this in the next few hours, but right now you can

  • copy the link
  • replace the name of the package with diagram_9.4.8_com

Please note that the screenshot contained a private link, so I took the liberty of removing it.

Update: links to the packages are fixed now.
Thank you once again for noticing!

Thanks @Listopad for your resolution